Assignments are born out of purpose; purpose is the road to destiny. Purpose demands an answer from a call. Assignments have seasons. Seasons incorporate divine connections for a purpose. Assignment and purpose are always for the greater good of others and the creator of seasons. Samuel’s call in I Samuel 3:20 was to be a prophet, and one of his assignments was to anoint the next king. Moses was called by God also, and his assignment was to deliver the children of Israelites from Egypt (Exodus 3:4-15). Moses call and assignment was a disruption in his life that made him run from the throne in Egypt to a dessert mending sheep. How many of us have had our lives disrupted from the familiar to an assignment that is greater than what we ever expected? How many of us who are neglecting the assignment because we don’t think we are capable of handling the assignment, we are not worthy of the assignment, not educated enough for the assignment, or we are not skilled enough for the assignment? The good news is we would not have been chosen for the assignment, hand selected for the assignment or preferred for the assignment if God did not think we could conquer the assignment. Whatever assignment God has given you it was uniquely designed to fit your ability to handle it. The assignment was handcrafted specifically for you because it was a part of your purpose even when you were in your mother’s womb. God knew you could handle the assignment with his guidance and direction. Don’t forfeit the assignment, call or purpose because of fear, intimidation, or lack of self-worth. You were chosen for such a time as this. You were chosen to answer the call “Here I Am Lord.”Walk in it with courage and boldness that God will see you through. Whatever the assignment you have been given remember you were handcrafted to complete the task.