Destiny Grabbers

New Book Released by Dr. Tanja P. Hightower!

Grab your destiny before someone, or something, grabs it for you! Find the truth of who you are, and you will find your purpose here on earth to reach your designed destiny.


Destiny Grabbers navigates my life from childhood to now. Trouble for me began at a tender age, an age where I couldn’t quite grasp what was happening to me. I explore the many oppositions I faced in life that lead me to triumph immensely. I’ve allowed my journey of climbing mountains, treading terrains, and swimming through deep waters become my sounding board for elevation, self-discovery, and victory.

I not only detail how I discovered my destiny, but I allow readers to discover how they can also find theirs. Knowing and believing we are overcomers opens the door to exploration. Audiences will certainly realize the metamorphosis they’ve undergone and are currently within. Readers are certain to end this book feeling renewed and enabled to furiously, yet diligently, unearth their purpose, by way revealing their destiny.

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As CEO of Tanja P. Hightower International, TPI, and author of “Destiny Grabbers,” Pastor Hightower assists others with discovering their identity and educates them on fulfilling their purpose. TPI is more than a Ministry, it is an outreach for those who are in and outside of the church. Pastor Hightower instructs those who have sacrificed time and energy in areas outside of their calling, how to redirect themselves toward their own vision and walk in their purpose. She empowers, encourages and enlighten individuals so they can do the same for the next person.


I am Charles Campbell, Rice University graduate, Husband, Father, licensed and ordained Minister, District Business Manager in Women’s Health, Pfizer. I have known Tanja for over 3 decades. As a devout Christian man, I have observed and admired the tenacity and dedication that Tanja has demonstrated for spiritual growth. She has put into action a commitment to getting to know God, His plan for her life, and his commission to share with others. Over the years I have witnessed her ongoing transformation from an aggressive worldly individual (as many of us were), to a Passionately God focused believer. I expect big spiritual things out of Tanja through God! Writing this book is just the beginning!
Charles Campbell
District Business Manager  - Women’s Health, Pfizer
A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen -Douglas MacArthur Dr. Hightower has been a steadfast leader when exercising and sharing her faith.
Dr. Deborah Stewart
Associate Superintendent  - Fairbanks Independent School District
Dr. Hightower is a light that shines on dark and sunny days. I have reached out to her on a few occasions and have been embraced and humanized by her efforts in assisting others through leadership and mentoring. Dr. H and I worked together as regulatory investigators where she made my on-boarding worth its weight in gold. My experience was priceless working in conjunction with Dr. H for over a decade. Dr. H and I later connected with Skillz Choice AAU basketball organization which was started and developed by me, but a key ingredient was missing until the leadership and the presence of Dr. H appeared. Dr. H brought a buffet of knowledge, compassion as well as mentoring as an assistant head coach for a boys only youth organization. She led our team and provided true grit when grit was needed and passion came from the heart. Dr. H is a diamond already buffed, shined and ready for display in the premium section no discount needed. Going forward any organization that Dr. H contributes to its foundation will certainly last a lifetime. I have always felt that Dr. H granted the community a gratuitous and enigmatic personality that never borders on selfishness.
John Rutherford BS, RS, SHEP, CESCO
CEO/ Owner  - U-BETSafety since 2007
To my beloved sister in Christ, Reverend Dr. Tanja Hightower. Words cannot express how proud I am of you. From the first time I met you there was a zeal, humbleness, and a beautiful spirit in you that captured my attention. I saw you strive for perfection in the body in Christ. The race is not given to the swift but those who endure to the end. And it gives me great joy to call you may friend, my sister, my co-laborer in the gospel of Christ. I will forever cherish our friendship until the Lord calls us from labor unto reward. May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry!
Reverend Ray A. Franklyn
Liturgical Team  - The Church Without Walls

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