Most people hear based on their experiences of what they have been through which leads to their perception of what they heard. Two people can hear the same speech, message, or conversation but based on their individual perception stimulated from their past experience we will get two trains of thoughts. The totality of the situation is we don’t want to hear based on our experiences because what we hear will keep us at that experience and we may miss out on our true destiny and purpose for life. When we let our hearing remain at our experiences, we allow fear of moving forward to disrupt our journey, abandon our assignment, and silence our call. We become insecure and depressed along the journey. “Our feet can’t take s where our minds have not been.” In I King 19:1-13, Elijah heard a message from Jezebel that she was going to kill him while he was on his journey. This news disrupted his journey, and he became fearful, suffered insecurities, and felt abandoned. Fear denotes emotional unrest and disease caused by the uncertainty of potency to overcome situations and life’s challenges. When insecurities are felt it means that something is wrong with our foundational beliefs. What this means is that somewhere along our journey in growing up a seed was planted in what we heard. “You would be nothing,” “You will never be good enough,” or “You are just like your father/mother.” Abandonment unlocks a need for affirmation or to fit in. When a person has been abandon their heart feels lonely and a times feel isolated. They will start one project after another, or they will sit under a mentor, coach, or leader for the affirmation to fill their unworthiness. As a result of what we hear and what gets planted in our souls is the key to a journey that we are destined to go. Any corrupt talk filtered in our subconscious will steer us on the wrong path and the association with bad company. I Corinthians 15:33 says, “Do not be misled. Bad company corrupts good character.’ But if we fail not and redirect the crooked places, we will be on the journey that was set before us. “I am the way the truth and the life.”