Does Purpose Lead to Destiny? Fulfilling Purpose is the Journey to Purpose.

What is purpose? Purpose is deliberate intentions, plan, or will. We all have a purpose, or plan, for being created and put on Earth. We all are uniquely made to fulfill purpose in life and, therefore, we all have passion and a conviction to pursue something greater than what we have. Purpose is a plan that leads us on a journey to destiny. When you are operating in your God-given conviction of what you were created to be, you will fulfill your destiny. Our purpose is what we do with life while on Earth. Moses personal conviction led him to destiny. When Moses killed that Egyptian for the sake of an Israelite, it was his passion for equal rights and freedom for all that led him to his purpose, (Exodus 2:11-12). Destiny propels you into what you are supposed to be doing in life. It is the pulling in your heart that is drawing you to destiny. We know eventually Moses left Egypt and met God at a burning bush where he discovered his destiny was to free the Israelites from Egypt. God had a plan for Moses, but Moses didn’t know until he faced his own conviction regarding his fellow Israelites and their suffering. The ultimate purpose is to love God, build His Kingdom, and to serve others while living an abundant life on Earth. God states, “He knows the plan (or purpose) He has for us.” (Jerimiah 29:11). So it is our duty to seek God and search our own conviction of what is pulling or propelling us to destiny. What internal gravitation in your heart is pulling you beyond your capabilities? Could it be a deep yearning to disrupt society with economic development, child trafficking, spreading the gospel, or feeding the homeless? When we find our purpose, we will be on the road to destiny. Most individuals are on a merry go round of life doing the same thing not feeling fulfilled due to not gravitating toward their aspirations. When that happens, it is a possibility that they are not in their designed intention of what God created them to be and are wasting time existing. When we exuberate passion we are doing what satisfies us and in doing what satisfies us, we fulfill life satisfaction that leads to destiny.