To build the Kingdom of God for the work of the ministry to which we have been called.


To advance the Kingdom of God in assisting in the work of Congregational Redevelopment and Church Plant Consultant.


To aid in the Redevelopment/Church Plant in constructing effective ministries, evangelizing, teaching & preaching, prayer and leadership development through discipleship and servanthood.


1. Assist pastors, leaders, and congregations in implementing ministries (prayer, evangelism/outreach, discipleship, small group classes, and fellowship).

2. Assist in formulating ministry guidelines and procedures if necessary.

3. Assist in casting the vision of the pastor through training and developing core leaders.

4. Assist where needed in the areas of teaching, preaching, evangelizing, and prayer fellowship.


To assist in the strategic planning of redevelopment congregation/church plant. To assist in implementing/formulating the foundation or restructuring of the church by applying biblical principles  to enhance leadership and congregation within a time period of 2 months for church plant. In the redevelopment stage, the training and development will occur 2 weekends out of the month. If needed, further planning will be discussed. To assist churches locally, statewide, and internationally.

The life of the church is evolving because the people are evolving. The proof is in the obituary, somebody’s life changed as a result. The God given assignment will consist of fasting and praying with the Senior Pastor and congregation a week prior to the initial start of the training. The assignment is to assist the Pastor and congregation with strategic training and development two weekends out of the month in the areas of prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development that will bring progression in the local church that will build and advance the Kingdom of God.



This training and development will be led by Dr. Tanja P. Hightower of Tanja P. Hightower International with the corporation of the Pastor and the core leaders of the congregation.

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