This political system and humanity acceptance is no surprise to some, blinders removed to others, and the exposure to the nation. Months ago God revealed to me that the 2016 election was allowed by him for the greater good. It was the exposure of many things to occur and if you were paying attention we saw more racism exposed, more division exposed, more deceitfulness exposed, and more pride in the hearts of people exposed causing a rift in the nation. I was not surprised. One Sunday I was at a women’s group meeting and prior to the end of the meeting one lady from the Federal government who was on furlough from Washington DC spoke regarding the corruption in the system and how one person can be so concern about a wall and not care about people’s lives. As I sat there the other ladies began to get in the conversation and had strong opinions about the dictatorship of our president. They were upset that he was a dictator and that everything had to go his way. Now mind you these were ladies in there 60 to 80’s and they were Caucasian women who were distinguish and influential in their communities. They began to praise the Majority Leader of the House of Representative and how she and others were standing against the dictatorship of our president. These women were so adamant about division, the unrighteous acts, and the dictatorship that this president was exhibiting. I sat there and the Spirit came over me and reminded me of the vision/revelation that he had shown me months ago.
The reminder of the revelation became so strong that I heard the Lord say tell them what I spoke to you regarding the 2016 election. I hesitated because I knew I was walking on treaded waters because these ladies were influential in their communities and God had shown me that majority of them were the very ones that put him in office and now they were disappointed in his stand. So when the last lady finish talking I raised my hand and asked could I say something. I raised my hand due to this was my first meeting. I first acknowledge more about me and who I was as a woman of God and a license ordained minister. I began to tell them of the revelation and as I began to tell them an overwhelming emotion of sorry came over me that I almost started crying. I said that God allowed these circumstances from 2016 to occur to expose the hearts of men. I told them that in my culture most already was aware of how society was in the mistreatment, favoritism, and division due to racism. I told them that the exposure to others were blind eyes open to the realness of this nation. And then I told them that there are others who put him in office that knew what was behind “Make America Great” but turned a deaf ear and voted for what they thought was going to “Make America Great” despite the consequences that would occur no matter what. I ended my conversation to the ladies and expressed that there has to be unity amongst us. One of the ladies sitting next to me who was also the moderator began to rub my back because she saw how compassionate about the unity and concern for all of God’s people.
I was reminded in John 24:4-13 when Jesus was telling his disciples, “Watch out that no one deceives you…You will hear wars and rumors of wars…Nations against nations…Kingdom against kingdom…Famines and earthquakes in various places…You will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death and you will be hated by all nations because of me…Because of increase wickedness the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved”. Think it not strange of all the chaos that this nation is facing. Stand firm and hold on to the faith. Love covers a multitude of sin. When the meeting was over the ladies came and hugged me and invited me back. Will you be light in a dark world? Will you let your light shine before men that they may see your good works that it may glorify the Father in Heaven? Lord let my works speak for you “Think It Not Strange” it was all in His plan.