The talk today is “I am living my best life.” The connotation indicates that they are enjoying life with having cars, money, taking trips, and enjoying life to the fullest. They are living the life but have they consumed the life giver. Life is not vacationing around the world, eating the best of the best foods, or partying with your friends from dusk to dawn. Yes, I agree we should enjoy life but don’t put these life consumers before the one who created you to have a life. God wants us to live life abundantly but to what extent of making idols out of our pleasures. Some of us have filled ourselves with temporary mobility’s to avoid the truth. We mascaraed alienation with our hearts because we are truly not sure of our identity. We believe having things, having money, living in a big house, driving a luxury car and vacationing in Europe is living the best life. God said we should serve no other god before him and indulging in putting material things first, striving to make more money without the benefit of helping others, and the engaging in ungodly acts such as partying like its 1999 is not living the good life. When God has ordered your steps, entered into your plans, placed you in purpose, and has shown favor with the results of having abundance, then you can say I am living my best life. I recall Jesus saying, “The Spirit gives life, the flesh counts for nothing.” “The words I have spoken to you are Spirit, and they are life.” “Yet there are some of you who do not believe.” If we truly want to live our best life, then we should live it with a grateful heart, being content with who we are in him, guided by the wisdom of God, and not mascaraed and pretend to be on top of the world with false illusions. We must believe that he is the giver of life and we can have life more abundantly in him. Our best life is to allow Christ to live within us and guide us to that abundant life letting our lights shine that others may see him in us.